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What you need to know before you start you exhibition stand planning

  • Location
    Location is the most important factor when it comes to setting up an exhibition stand. The traffic at the exhibition hall will be important for your stand location. You have to consider the flow of traffic. How it will be from the entry and exit points, if there will be close the o conferences, restrooms, and cafeteria. Check with organizers position of support pillars and air conditioning ducts. These can effect your exhibition stand design.
  • Stand Type
    5 x most basic stand types most exhibitors use frequently. Raw Space Stands It means renting the floor space for building a custom, modular exhibition stand. This type of the stand allows to create a custom or modular exhibition stand. We ake care of everything related to your exhibition stand design and build will make the process significantly easy. Shell Scheme Stands Small exhibition stand with the two or three-walled stands. Ussually provided by organizer. If you are on a low budget, a Shell Scheme Stand is a perfect option for you. Row stands This stand sharing wall space between two stands. It typically has one open side along the foyer. Corner and Two Corner Stands Two sides open stand allows you to have two entry points. The stand is open and inviting all audience very easily. Corner Stands offer plenty of room to build several sections such as a lounge seating, a storage room, and a meeting room, banner, Audio / Video presentation, seating with planty options. Island Stands This tupe of the stand allows huge exposure you brand will gain, eye-catching , visually appealing stand type. You can easily provide banners, billborads on the top central column, presents multiple products.
  • Composition
    It means the placement of objects in a correct and aesthetically pleasing manner. Keep easy visibility, the purpose of shelfs and counters. Consider where the seating will be located? Where you provide a giveaways ? If the objects you have placed serve the intended purpose?
  • Lighting
    We provide you with the customized lighting set-up in place to ensure follow your design stand and attract audience.
  • Colour
    Your brand guidelines will decide the colour palette of your exhibition stand design.
  • High Branding logo
    We focused on your company log which should be easily visible. A hanging banner rigged from the top is also a good idea to provide noticed from a distance with high branding.
  • Eye-level Branding
    Brand messages, taglines, product line logos, design patterns, brand images are incorporated to distinguish the exhibition design
  • Low-Level Branding
    when the attendee is close to exhibition stand. Enable you to place intersting facts about the company.
  • Flooring
    For the professional look it is very important part. Flooring can enhance the design element of your exhibition stand, hide all the electric wiring, freeing up more space and reducing clutter.
  • Print Quality
    Fabric print and vinyl print are the most common ones utilized. Prints in vinyl have a glossier look in comparison to fabric which has its own texture. The fabric prints dontr provide any printing size limitation and you can make it large as your exhibition stand design requires
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